Information about City Umbrella

The story behind City Umbrella

Rain in Taiwan

In 2013 founder of City Umbrella Andreas Søgaard left Denmark for a four-week school project in Taiwan. During his stay he noticed that the local businesses placed umbrella stands outside their shops every time it started raining. He didn’t understand that the reason was, they did not want water inside the shop – he thought, the umbrellas were meant to be shared and used by the people walking by.

Starting City Umbrella Sweden

The 4 friends Daniel Karlsson, Hampus Thorstensson, Rickard Hägglund and Thomas Van Loo joined Abrella in 2016 after they found an online ad from City Umbrella Denmark looking for new countries to franchise in.

Everyone new the great need for umbrellas in Sweden and during 2017 the first cities were launched.

Roman i Schweiz fyller på paraplyer
Abrella World flaggor med alla länder

Refilling umbrellas

Every 14 days we refill our stations with new umbrellas, and sort out damaged. The goal is to always have plenty of City Umbrellas circulation in the city.

Of course we don’t throw broken umbrellas away… The material is used to remake other products.

Mattias fyller på paraplyer med cykel i Åårhus

The umbrella station

We have designed a unique umbrella station that we call ”Uggiso” which in Italian means “light rain”. The station is made of plastic to make it more rain sustainable, and it is available in several colours.

On top we put a folder with local information about City Umbrella, and it is possible to plan a flower in the middle.

Cykel för påfyllning av paraplyer och paraplyhållare uggioso

Free umbrellas in Europe

We offer free umbrellas in 5 countries in Europe:
Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland & Finland.

Find your nearest umbrella station here

Alla aktiva länder med City Umbrella i Europa
Paraplydesign med moln och siluett av kyrktorn

The umbrella design

We always create a unique design for each City Umbrella with a personal and local touch.

In Varberg, Sweden for example we created a design with silhouettes of the Town Hall and people doing water sports.

Ett City Umbrella i Åårhus med siluetter

The company logos

All our collaboration companies and organisations get great marketing on our umbrellas. Each umbrella has eight equally sized pieces where logo will be visible. Joining City Umbrella means that your company is getting exposed to thousands 174 days per year.

Kärlekspar går med ett paraply

Branded umbrellas

We offer unique branded umbrellas for larger companies that really wants to make an impact in a city.

Choose how many cities you want to join and we’ll handle the rest!

Our team

Abrella Sweden

Daniel Karlsson, säljare på City Umbrella Sverige

Daniel Karlsson

+46 72-249 13 25

Erica Hammarlund, säljare på City Umbrella Sverige

Erica Hammarlund

+46 70-733 55 78

Hampus Thorstensson på City Umbrella Sverige

Hampus Thorstensson

+46 73-244 70 53

Rickard Hägglund på City Umbrella Sverige

Rickard Hägglund

+46 70-537 51 99

Thomas Van Loo på City Umbrella Sverige

Thomas Van Loo

+46 73-774 65 30

Abrella World

Andreas Sogaard CEO på Abrella World

Andreas Søgaard


+45 5022 5885

Mattias Hedström COO på Abrella World

Mattias Edström


+45 5030 5761

Sebastian CTO på Abrella World

Sebastian Bogner


+45 3133 4200

Abrella Europe

Andrei, CEO på City Umbrella Finland

Andrei Smirnov

CEO Finland

+358 400 251 381

Lars CEO på City Umbrella i Danmark

Lars Snejbjerg

CEO Denmark

+45 2262 0118

Roman Hauger CEO på City Umbrella i Schweiz

Roman Hauger

CEO Switzerland

Tommy CEO City Umbrella i Norge

Tommy Strand

CEO Norway